Non Pareils (100’s & 1000s)

100s & 1000s are as traditional as you can get, from Fairy Bread toppings to rainbow sprinkles on ice cream.

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Biscuit Pieces, Chocolate and Vanilla

Chocolate and Vanilla biscuit crumbs are an ideal inclusion or topping for ice cream. They’re also perfect for such bakery items as chocolate fudge slice or topping on bars.

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Chocolate Sprinkles

Our chocolate sprinkles are made with the best quality cocoa and traditionally finished with a chocolate glucose glaze. They’re perfect for all types of baking, including cupcakes and speciality theme cakes, not to mention ice cream and soft serve dessert toppings.

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Sugar Candy

Sugar Candy decoratives are essentially extra-large 100s &1000s. They’re available in two sizes: 2-3mm or 4-5mm. 

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Silver Cachous and Specialist Decoratives 

Silver cachous are the traditional decoration on wedding cakes and can be seen as the haute couture of the cake decorating elite. In their own way, they’re as iconic as 100s & 1000s on fairy bread.

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Our range of decorating Pearls comes in two sizes: 2-3mm and 4-5mm. They’re made from the same base ingredients as our 100s & 1000s. 

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Oat-based Pieces and Inclusions

Most oat products are either raw or partially cooked with limited digestibility and nutritional value. The healthy properties of oats are well documented but the challenge has been to produce unique, uniform-sized inclusions that are fully cooked and fully digestible

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Hokey Pokey Kibble HP0511.jpg

Hokey Pokey Kibble

In addition to a wide range of fudge kibbles, we also produce a distinctive Hokey Pokey kibble. This is available in a range of sizes from a 2-4mm crumb, 4-7mm and 7-10mm kibbles, and a 10mm chunk.

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Fudge and Candy Kibble

Kibbles (sometimes called klinkers) are used as an inclusion in ice cream and toppings. Our kibbles and fudge pieces are also ideal in chocolate-based confectionery, snack bars and baking. Bake-stable formulations are available.

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Chocolate and Specialty Flakes 

Chocolate flake is a popular decorating item for large bakery and ice cream cakes and cheesecakes. As well as visual appeal, it gives them added body and physical texture.

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Decs and Sprinkles

Alongside our iconic 100s & 1000s, Sprinkles or Decs (short for decorations) are traditional in the cake and ice cream decorating trade. 

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** New Product - Sanding Sugars

email us for product specs and full colour range of our new Sanding Sugars