Hokey Pokey Kibble

In addition to a wide range of fudge kibbles, we also produce a distinctive Hokey Pokey kibble. This is available in a range of sizes from a 2-4mm crumb, 4-7mm and 7-10mm kibbles, and a 10mm chunk.

Hokey Pokey, or honeycomb flavour, is a New Zealand favourite. Here at Carroll’s we can produce it as a hard crunchy kibble with a truly distinctive hokey pokey flavour profile.

With the addition of a chocolate coating, this is ideal as an inclusion for ice cream. Alternately we can produce this as a bake-stable kibble – perfect of biscuits.

Our Hokey Pokey is naturally coloured and flavoured. Unlike toffee-based hokey pokey, this product does not become sticky and hard to handle. As a result it’s well suited to commercial bakery operations.

The majority of kibbles are custom-made so MOQs may apply.