We know how important it is to understand the products you are using. To answer some common questions we’ve created the FAQ's below. We have also included a chart to explain common E numbers used in confectionery applications

If your question is not answered here, please get in touch and we will do our best to answer it as quickly as possible. Email stuart@carrollindustries.co.nz


Q         What allergens are managed on site at Carroll Industries?

A         At Carroll’s the only two declared allergens we have in our production area are soy as in soy lecithin (emulsifier E322) and Milk Powder that is used on a number             of specific fudge products. We have a comprehensive clean down and isolation plan that minimises cross contamination risk.


Q         Is Carroll Industries Halal certified?

A         Carroll Industries is not Halal Certified but the majority of our products potentially meet Halal requirement. Please enquire if you have any questions.


Q         Is Carroll Industries Kosher certified?

A         Carroll Industries is not Kosher Certified but the majority of our products are suitable for Kosher. Please enquire if you have any questions.


Q         Do we use palm oil in any of our products?

A         Palm oil is a traditional hard fat used in the confectionery industry – this is declared on the label. We mainly use this confectionery fat in the production of candy               pieces, Decs and Sprinkles.


Q         Can you offer alternatives to palm oil?

A         Yes. We provide a number of specialised formulations to clients using a deodorised coconut based fat instead of palm. MOQs may apply.


Q         Does Carroll Industries use any ingredients that may contain genetically modified organisms?

A         No. All our ingredients are specified as GMO negative.


Q         Is the maltodextrin and glucose used in your products gluten-free?

A         Yes. We only used maltodextrins and glucose made from maize starch.


E Numbers

E numbers are an international recognised code for various ingredients and additives including colours used in foodstuffs throughout the world. Carroll Industries only uses recognised food ingredients that comply with New Zealand and Australian Food Standards.