Fudge and Candy Kibble

Carroll’s produces a wide range of fudge and candy kibbles for bespoke applications.

Kibbles (sometimes called klinkers) are used as an inclusion in ice cream and toppings. Our kibbles and fudge pieces are also ideal in chocolate-based confectionery, snack bars and baking. Bake-stable formulations are available.

Flavours range from traditional fudge chocolate made with high quality cocoa powders and whole milk powders for extra creaminess, through to soft-textured coconut fudge pieces or crunchy white meringue pieces. Naturally coloured and fruit flavoured candy pieces are also a speciality, with options to add that extra acid sour note or some fun with a bit of sherbet fizz.

Fudge and Candy pieces can be tailor-made in a range of sizes from 2-4mm, 4-7mm, 7-10mm and 10mm-plus chunks.

The majority of these products are custom-made so MOQs may apply. Please also talk to us about chocolate-coated options – ideal for ice cream inclusions.