Oat-based Pieces and Inclusions

Our sister company, Extrusion Co Limited, produces an innovative range of fully cooked oat-based inclusions that complement Carroll’s sugar-based inclusions and toppings.

Most oat products are either raw or partially cooked with limited digestibility and nutritional value. The healthy properties of oats are well documented but the challenge has been to produce unique, uniform-sized inclusions that are fully cooked and fully digestible.

Through the innovative process of extrusion-based cooking we can now offer an exciting range of fully cooked oat inclusions, including flakes, expanded oat stix and puffed balls.

These inclusions are perfect for bar or breakfast cereal inclusions. We can also tailor-make speciality products with added natural flavouring and colours. Please note, MOQs will apply for non-stock items.


See also ‘Biscuit Crumbs and Inclusions’ for our specialist range of breadcrumbs and coating crumbs.